hail the pumpkin king: #FirstDraftSeries

Click here to see more of my #FirstDraftSeries on IG!

Click above to see more of my #FirstDraftSeries on IG.

Hi. I’m currently attempting to meet several deadlines and will soon disappear until December probably. But I wanted to just pop by to say I’m in the home stretch of the first draft of my WIP hail the pumpkin king.

Two days ago, I broke 100,000 words in the draft and admittedly sort of hated myself. This is because my first draft of Privateer was 135,000 words long and editing that sh*t was not very nice, precious.

BUT then I decided, you know what, self-loathing is dumb, I should really be impressed that I actually keep 100K words just lying around in my brain. So I told myself I was going to finish the first draft by Halloween, because I figure… I can totally do this in a little more than two weeks, right? Right. Sure. Good.


Also, last weekend, I got sick and drank like half a bottle of NyQuil and then I decided it would be a great idea to start posting quotes from my first draft on Instagram, to motivate myself to meet my deadline.

How… exactly… does this motivate me? I have no idea! I was 100% drunk on NyQuil and did not think it through!

But it’s now a thing that is happening, so if you have any interest whatsoever in seeing my #FirstDraftSeries unfold, I will be posting short quotes from my first draft of hail the pumpkin king on my Instagram (@samchaffin) until Halloween. And then I’m stopping because of reasons. Like, NaNoWriMo reasons.

Oh God. *puts hands over ears and runs*

Samantha Chaffin

Go home, Sam, you’re still drunk. Comment below with your favorite line from your first draft/current WIP!

4 thoughts on “hail the pumpkin king: #FirstDraftSeries

  1. aimeemeesterwrites says:

    Your quotes, dude. I’ve been stalking them on Instagram and I’m a little bit in love with your writing.

    That is all.

  2. Alyssa @ The Devil Orders Takeout says:

    So I do not have Instagram and am regretting this fact immensely. But also EEEK ALL HAIL THE PUMPKIN KING IS TOO FABULOUS I DON’T EVEN CARE I’M BREAKING A DOZEN UNSPOKEN RULES BY CAPITALISING THE TITLE. And I totally sympathise with cutting down on long mss — I think my first ms was like 130K or thereabouts? Absolute horror.

    All the best with your goal of finishing before NaNo! I myself am attempting to finish rewriting my own novel before NaNo, so hopefully we’ll both reach our goals. *reaches for nearest chocolate*

    • samchaffin says:

      Ahaha you should totally get an Instagram. It is my favorite social media platform besides Twitter. Twitter is my jam, but Instagram is just so pretty. 😉

      Also, YES, THANK YOU FOR FEELING MY PAIN. I hope you finish yours before NaNo too! GO TEAM.

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