Brown Paper Packages: Pre-Halloween Edition

bpp6 Image: Sortra

This summer I started a little series on the blog to feature a few of my favorite things on the first Monday of every month. Because it is now my favorite month of the year, the October edition of Brown Paper Packages is all about getting into that fall/Halloween spirit (click here for past editions)!

Fly me to the moon.

If there was one album I could recommend for this month, it would be this one (sidenote: this is also the album to which I have written most of my WIP hail the pumpkin king).

For all mah Pinners, some of my favorite mood boards for the season are here, here, and here.

This poem. Forever.

In the same vein, this movie forever.

An old friend posted this deliciousness on her food blog a year ago and I still drool over them.

Wear the woods.

If I ever got a tattoo (I didn’t don’t panic mom), I’d go to her.

Plan your week on kraft paper.

At this point in time we should all go here and just smell everything.

This makes me want to curl up with a book and fluffy cat.

In case you also live in a city where the seasons don’t change.

Confession: I’m getting re-obsessed with micro-horror stories.

Aaand obviously, if you live in LA, we’re going to this.

I couldn’t decide between these two books; one’s new and one’s old, but they’re both incredible and will keep you up at night, so I’m going to make them both the Paper Packages of the Month, because I can. Check out Sarah J. Maas’s recently released fourth installment of her badass lady assassin series Queen of Shadows, and (a personal favorite of mine) The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman.

Hey. Hey you. If you liked this month’s edition of Brown Paper Packages, you can totally share it by clicking the image below and using #BPPmonday



4 thoughts on “Brown Paper Packages: Pre-Halloween Edition

  1. Alyssa @ The Devil Orders Takeout says:

    Oooooh, I love this round of BPP! I also have a soft spot for October, just after I’ve accepted the reality of school but before the real work sets in. And of course, Halloween. I think I may have to add the Joy Williams song to my own tracklist — and Kraft paper looks gorgeous.

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