The Best Cover Letter Ever

The end of February/beginning of March sees hundreds of companies posting openings for summer positions. And as we all know, the absolute worst part about applying for jobs and internships is the Dread Cover Letter (I was going for a Princess Bride reference there but I don’t think it came across let’s just pretend I didn’t try to be funny yes move along).

Here’s my problem. I get a prompt for a 1,500-word short story competition? *WRITES 15 ENTRIES AT ONCE BECAUSE ART

I get asked to write a persuasive letter to a company that potentially has the power to crush my hopes and dreams? *EATS COOKIE DOUGH AND CRIES SELF TO SLEEP*

Personally, I don’t fully understand the concept of the cover letter; if you tell someone that you’re a third-year Creative Writing and Theatre student, why are you still expected to sound like a 40-year-old businessman? If I were ever in charge of a company’s job apps, I wouldn’t want to read a hundred cover letters that insist the writer is “hard-working” and “dedicated.” I want to read the cover letter that tells me the writer spent three years of her life learning how to soft-shoe on the back of a galloping ostrich.

Is it so wrong to create a cover letter that’s actually fun to read (and write)?

I think not. So here, people of the blogosphere, I’ve written The Best Cover Letter Ever (modesty included at no extra cost), because the clichéd first impression is overrated.

Like. A. Boss.

Yo. You probably shouldn’t use this as a cover letter template. Although, if I were reading a cover letter that mentioned a love of Batman, I’d hire that sucka on the spot.

Serious tip: you CAN sound like yourself in your cover letter while still being professional. It’s okay to stand out. It’s okay to be funny. The people reading these are human. Mostly. Probably.

6 thoughts on “The Best Cover Letter Ever

  1. deshipley says:

    “Professionalism” has long sounded like a code word for “leave the best of your personality at the door”. Why can’t we just worry about the basics like reasonable courtesy, timeliness, and grammar that gives a darn, and then do what want from there?
    When you usurp the position of Leader of the Free World ninja-style, Sam, I expect to see some changes.

  2. courtney says:

    You had me at Batman. I freakin’ LOVE this cover letter and I would seriously consider using it because hey, it’ll make you stand out right? I love reading your entries Samantha – keep ’em coming!! 🙂

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