A birthday update

I’m officially two decades old today. Isn’t that strange?

I’m totally completely absolutely freaking out. It’s really not a big deal, though. Twenty. Heh.

I have so much going on right now, because a.) NaNoWriMo (add me here, if you wish!), and b.) all of my professors decided that the last two days before Thanksgiving break is the perfect time to load us up with ALL of the homework. However, the fact that it’s a freakin’ Monday is not going to stop me from having a freakin’ good Two-Decade-Anniversary-Of-My-Birth.

So anyway. Now for updates/announcements that I have not yet made for some reason:

1. I am going to study abroad in London next semester (that’s London, England, UK. That London. Not London, Ohio—which is, apparently, an actual thing. Ok. Just wanted to clarify)! I will be studying at Queen Mary University of London, which is in the East End, where the Summer Olympics most recently took place.

I wanted to have that on record, because very soon, I have a feeling that all I’m going to be writing about is London this, London that, Europe thisItalianboyswhatwhosaidthat, Europe that. Sorry I’m not sorry.

But guys, I am actually stoked out of my mind for this. I’ve been writing a novel about England and English people for literally a year and a half, and now I actually get to go back (I visited for around 5 days in the summer of 2010, right after I graduated high school). For 6 months. Excuse me while I die of excitement.

2. Speaking of England-related novels, I am anticipating something pretty major with Privateer. Something that is sort of blowing my mindgrapes. You may want to sit down (just me? Oh).

I may finish the first draft this week.

If you’ve never visited my blog before/don’t know why this is a big deal for me, let me give you some context. I started Privateer on May 15, 2011. It is currently November 19, 2012, and the manuscript is 131,243 words long. In short, IT HAS TAKEN FLIPPIN’ FOREVER TO GET HERE AND I HAVE SPENT SO MUCH OF MY LIFE ON THIS I KIND OF JUST WANT IT TO BE OVER BUT NOT REALLY OMG.

And this is not my first novel. It’s actually my third. I don’t know why it’s taken this long—maybe because of college, maybe because I almost abandoned it after summer 2011 ended and I didn’t pick it up again until October-ish. I have no good excuse for why I’ve dragged this out for forever +1, but the point is after 18 months and 4 days, 1.5 NaNoWriMos, and lots of support from my family and friends on Figment and in real life—I am almost done.

You might expect a celebratory post soon. It might filled with photos and possibly a video of me dancing like a loon, depending on what time it is. Or not. But seriously.

3. I turned in my short story about the ghostly tour guide/prince Luka a few weeks ago. I haven’t written about it yet because I’m a tad confused about the feedback I got. But have no fear, I will sort it all out! Eventually. Probably not now. But I’ll post on it soon, I promise.

4. I totally voted in the election. GO DEMOCRACY.

5. Notice how my announcements are getting shorter as I go along. This is not an announcement. I just wanted to point that out.

6. I volunteered to work the Ovation Awards (basically the theatre awards show that isn’t the Tonys) in The Historic LA Theater a week ago. I volunteered last year, too, but last year, they were shorthanded, and so my friend and I were cast as doorstops, drink-holders, and phonetic dictionaries for those presenters who could not pronounce the last names they were supposed to say onstage. This year was a lot better because they were not understaffed, and therefore I had much less to do. Basically I stood by the stairs for four hours and told people where the bathrooms were. Glamorous.

However, I did get to haunt the post-show happy hour and get a good look at all the pretty, famous faces. Among those I knew in attendance was the lovely Latoya London (know her from American Idol, but more recently from the musical The Color Purple), a few of the actresses from the T.V. show Pretty Little Liars (Troian Bellisario and Janel Parrish), and Jane Kaczmarek (Malcolm in the Middle, anyone?).

Anyway, that’s it for now. I’m off to go enjoy my birthday. Fare thee well, peasants. I’m twenty and I do what I want*.

Samantha Chaffin

*I actually just have to go to class. Sorry. I’m a disappointment.


2 thoughts on “A birthday update

  1. thejaneite says:

    You really make me smile. Except that (I’m not even joking) when you were talking about London, despite being absolutely thrilled for you, I got a hint of depression-I-want-to-cry-right-now as I find myself in one of those bis of life where nothing is stinkin’ happening, and I want to move to NYC but aren’t. So I’m jealous. A lot jealous. But happy for you, like you have no idea.

    Volunteering at these Ovation Awards sounds pretty stellar, and I’m not gonna lie, the Olan Rogers gif made me happy. Also, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I think that should be included in here somewhere. 😀 And I am thrilled out of my mind that Privateer is nearly finished, but I’ll miss it. I’m off to read the most recent chapter now.

    Lastly, obviously writers should live in a state of constant criticism, correction, comments, that sort of thing. But I just want to say, I’m quite in love with that little short story of yours (did you get my email?) and I think you should remember that you may be learning, but you’re also a genius. Just fyi. You write like a boss, but also beautifully. At the same time. I actually might hate you.

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