Happy Halloween/pre-NaNo/showday

I’m writing this on October 31st at 11:25pm, and even though it won’t show up until tomorrow, I wanted to be sure to post about Halloween and all the crazy things that went down today…

Firstly, allow me to reiterate that I am, in fact, a Theatre major, and as such… I, at times, do strange things. Theatre people have a reputation on my campus (also, in the World) as being a somewhat “eccentric” group of people who, for instance, dye their hair strange colors or walk around campus blindfolded or perform monologues on the steps in front of the campus bookstore in broad daylight……. *ah hem*

I think that we’re still lovable people. Anyway, my point was that today, my roommate (also a Theatre major) and I donned costumes that we had been planning since August, and casually went upon our merry way, going about our regular Wednesday routines—she as Flo from the Progressive Insurance commercials, and I as Jake from State Farm from this particular commercial:

To say that I received some of the weirdest looks I have ever experienced would be an understatement. Especially because of a certain event* I will explain later.

Here is a photo of my roommate and I in our costumes, for your viewing pleasure:

We definitely do not have a problem.

So that happened. I was eternally explaining that a) no, I did not cut and dye my hair, it is a wig, and b) no, I’m not just some random State Farm agent. I’m specifically JAKE. FROM STATE FARM.

What are you wearing, “Jake from State Farm”?

Sorry I’m not sorry. Plus, Chick-Fil-A gave us free milkshakes for coming in in full costume. #winning

Moving on. As you may remember from my post a few weeks ago, I was debating doing NaNoWriMo because I didn’t know if I could finish Privateer before November. But hey, big surprise! I didn’t.

So I’m doing NaNo, and using it to finish Privateer. My preparation has involved… literally nothing. I’ve hardly even considered the coming chapters. I’m going in totally blind.

My week has been somewhat chaotic in terms of papers/essays/squirrels/projects, and so today when I turned in my fourth paper in three days, I was a little bit eye-twitchy. Especially because tonight, as a sort of oh-hey-I-survived-wow reward for making it through the Traumatic Triplet of this week, I got to go see a play at the Ahmanson Theater in downtown LA.

A little play by the name of Seminar (you may know it as Oh You Mean That Broadway Thing That Alan Rickman Was In This Summer). Written by Theresa Rebeck—a woman I am dying to meet, as every one of her plays basically break me apart in a dramatically different way.

And Seminar, let me tell you, was basically the grand story of my life. It’s a play about young writers who are taking a writing seminar (that in itself is like, “Okay, Theresa, okay.”), but without giving too much away, the play captured perfectly the insecurities that every writer deals with 27/4. It was a comedy, and yet it was so dark in a way—I felt like I was watching my deepest fears unfold in every monologue. Which, again, was like, “Okay, Theresa, okay.”

*So the event. It might be good to mention at this point that I went to see this play still dressed as Jake from State Farm. I figured, hey, I’ll be with fellow theatre people. I’m covered. Ha. Well, Starshine, one of the lead actors in Seminar was a fine gentleman by the name of Jeff Goldblum (playing the role that Alan Rickman played on Broadway), and I do not know why it did not occur to me until I was already there that I was going to want to stand at the stage door after the show. But in any case, one thing led to another and… well…

Flo (roommate), Mr. Goldblum, Jake (moi)

But I regret nothing.

No. Thing.

Happy Halloween! It’s midnight, and I’m off to go NaNo it UP. Funny how I was in this same position last year, with the very same novel… welp. Good luck, fellow Wrimos! I HAVE MORE FAITH IN YOU THAN I DO IN ME.

Samantha Chaffin


Goal: just get to the end already)


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