Exactly a year ago today, I started my biggest writing project yet… and getting to this point has been a fight in every sense of the word.

Privateer started with a single character—an untamable, complicated character, as I’ve come to discover—and a few nights ago I wrote the 50,000th word of her story. If a year sounds like an incredibly long time to have only written 50,000 words, consider that since May 15, 2011, I have also been a part-time intern for nearly three months and a full-time college student for nine. I’m so happy with the reactions that I’ve received from people on and in my non-virtual life, and I’m humbled that a little idea I thought I’d never share with anyone has already been seen and supported by so many people.

Anyway, yes, I am tooting my own horn a little bit, and I also realize that I still have a long way to go (seeing as Charmaine isn’t nearly ready to stop talking). It’s just so exciting to be able to share this story with the world, even as a young, unpublished, unrepresented writer. Also, I am feeling particularly day-dreamy today… so do excuse me. Must be the weather.

I pray that I don’t sound vain, because a) I’d have to start singing The Song (serenade me, Carly) and b) in truth, this has nothing to do with me. I have been so blessed, and everything I do, I do to glorify the Big Guy in the Sky—considering that what little talent I possess isn’t even mine to boast about; it’s all His.

It’s all His.

So one day soon, when I’m feeling like I want to hit something because my characters are refusing to cooperate (again), I will look back on this post (and others) and remember that I am unpublished and unrepresented, and therefore, I don’t have to worry. I can do this for fun. I can do this because I love it. I can let my characters make a mess of things, because I have no one to impress—only stories in my head. I can nurture Privateer for as long as I need to, because… well, it’s my baby. Literally (‘kay, not literally, but it might as well be). Hopefully I won’t have to take another year to finish the first draft… eh-hem.

Happy anniversary, and happy landmark.

You know what this needs? Cake. But then again, when is cake not needed? Never.

Samantha Chaffin


3 thoughts on “Anniversary

  1. Mollie says:

    Found your writing on Figment and found your blog! I love your interpretation of being free and being a young, unpublished writer. People I know find it hard to grasp that we actually LIKE to write. As for Privateer, I haven’t gotten the chance to read it yet, but I’ll definitely take a look at it. I wish you the best with your writing and your college venture! Never give up! (:

    • samchaffin says:

      Thank you so much, Mollie! It’s always good to remember that we kinda like this stuff. 🙂 Even at three in the morning when nothing has come to you, but you refuse to go to bed without writing at least a paragraph. Haha I really appreciate your comment. Maybe I’ll catch you on Figment sometime!

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