Hello, only post of March.

There’s not that much to tell. Basically, this month has been all learning to cope with and overcome possibly the worst writer’s block I’ve ever had, with the intermittent Spring Break and the occasional revelation that I am almost halfway done with college and have little to no plan for my future. I must be the sort of person who is prone to mental breakdowns, because they seem to happen more frequently to me than to any other person I know. The only difference is, I don’t usually go and talk about my feelings. They just… show up in my characters.

Would you like to know what I have learned? Too bad, I’m going to tell you anyway. I have learned that sometimes, you just need a big, fat break from deliberately thinking about stories, because if you truly love them, the stories will come to you. I don’t always like the things I write. I regularly find myself staring at my screen in disgust with pages I wrote months ago. But that’s a good thing.

I think.

So many of my friends gave me advice about what to do about my writer’s block. Read my favorite books, splurge on a new soundtrack or five, watch my favorite movies, go jump in the shower for an hour, eat/stop eating comfort food, make a list of all the things that inspire me…

Guess what. These are all good suggestions (except maybe the one about not eating comfort food— Mama needs her comfort food). But sometimes, all you need is a break.

Because now, stories are filling up my head again. A few nights ago, I was just sitting on my bed with my Moleskine on my knee (my roommate calls it The Little Red Book; I call it Things I Come Up With Today That Will Probably Suck Tomorrow), and I had a huge plot breakthrough for PrivateerI thought I had written myself into a corner, but suddenly, there it was: the shining path to Not-blocked-land. A place I thought I wouldn’t see for another four, wordless weeks.

Point: writer’s block is absolutely vanquishable, because even if the voices in your head disappear for a little while, they will always come back in the end. Sometimes, them brainbabies just gots ta marinate. Fact.

It also helps to not treat yourself like an Asian student failing a science class (I’m allowed to say that. ‘Cuz I’m Asian…); that is, don’t beat yourself up. And try a new form of writing. On World Poetry Day, I wrote a genuinely crappy ode to my ex that was like beating a dead horse with a stick, but it was fun to write, because it—for once—had nothing to do with figuring out how to get a character from Point A to Point B.

Anywhich, that is all for Anecdotes from Auntie Sam’s Highly Amusing Life. You guys get about 500 words for March.

Uh… love me anyway. Please.

Samantha Chaffin


2 thoughts on “TA-DA

  1. thejaneite says:

    Ta-da!! I knew you’d get through it girl. And guess what I’m gonna do? Do it, guess. Okay fine, I’m gonna go read Privateer. *squee*
    And I ADORE your Red Book and the title you gave it. 😀

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