My awesome NaNo progress

Currently, I am sitting in my religion lecture at obviously rapt attention. About two minutes ago, I realized that I had not posted on this blog in ten days, and thought to myself, “Self, that simply will not do.” I mean, where would the world be without my enlightening and engaging ramblings on topics everyone should hold so dear?

I imagine this is exactly how my religion professor feels right now.

Anyways, I’d like to take it upon myself at this time to announce something huge! Something massive! Something revolutionary! Something extraordinarily unbelievable on all levels!

I… am behind.

Technically, I’m only 1500 words behind, which isn’t that bad, all things considered. There I was, cruisin’ right along, awesomely cranking out 500 awesome words per awesome day, and then my uni professors simultaneously decided that last week would be a great time to collectively punch me in the metaphorical soul.

So. Not. Awesome.

Thus, my schedule basically became a gigantic Satan sandwich last week. See those colorful blurbs? Those are not happy blurbs. Those are the blurbs of papers for four of my classes, totaling 20+ pages of evil. Pretty sure that my printer wanted to cut my throat in my sleep.

Somehow, I managed to only miss two-ish days of writing that I actually wanted to do. I’m sure you’re shocked to hear that after five straight hours of mindlessly (but hopefully not THAT mindlessly) writing a research paper, I didn’t much feel like writing anything ever again.

So, right now, Privateer is at 32,157 words, but I’m not beating myself up. I mean, 7,321 words in half a month is much more than I’ve written in a long time. Not to say that it isn’t absolute crap, because it pretty much is, but I’m actually enjoying being able to relax and let my story unfold without worrying about how much it totally sucks. The first “real” novel I ever finished took me about two years, partially because I was about thirteen at the time, but mostly because I have always hated writing without editing. The whole point of NaNoWriMo is to mind vomit, and I have a really hard time doing that. Funny, because normal people tend to have a harder time editing—so I hear.

‘Cuz, like, I have absolutely no perception of “normal.” Exhibit A: the other day, I literally pulled a muscle in my hand from writing in a notebook. Who does that?


—Samantha Chaffin


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