My life in Aristocats

*Justification for this post: my blog, therefore I post what I want.

This is my writing life as illustrated by The Aristocats. You heard me. It absolutely needed to happen.

So I sit down to write, right…

…expecting it to go like this…

…but I quickly realize that my characters are pretty much doing this…

…so I get all worked up and eventually go…

…and they’re like…

…and I’m like, “YIELD TO MY WILL.”

…but then sometimes, they actually do what I want…

…and I get all…


If you just judged me for describing my life in a Disney movie… you’re obviously heartless.

Samantha Chaffin

4 thoughts on “My life in Aristocats

  1. thejaneite says:

    So, this was kind of amazing. I totally saw this movie as a kid and kind of forgot about it. Disney movies are kind of amazing. And the way you’ve portrayed the life of a writer? At least, my life- well, *claps appreciatively* all I can say is well done.

  2. samchaffin says:

    I ADORE this movie. Whenever I watched it when I was little, I would always eat string cheese (because string cheese is, like, très French… no? Okay.). So now, whenever I think about this movie, visions of string cheese float behind my mind’s eye. I swear, I was so hungry by the time I finished this post. Why doesn’t Disney make movies like this anymore?

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