Hello. My name is Negligent.

So I’m starting another blog that I’ll eventually neglect.

Blogs hardly ever end well for me. Trust me, I know these things. I’ve had a playwriting blog on Posterous, a diary-type blog on Blogger, and a multimedia seminar course blog on WordPress, and I haven’t touched any of them since… oh… May.

However, since I’ve accepted that I never learn, I’m going to plow ahead with this one anyway.

This is a blog for my writing, which might seem pretty obvious. But it’s not just for final products—in fact, I doubt I’ll have many final products on this blog at all. I want to use “Her Ink-lings” as a place to brainstorm, categorize my thoughts and work through my current projects.

What is an ink-ling, you ask?

Ink-ling [INGK-ling]. n. 1. A compound word describing the vague notions that are the brainchildren of my creative process. 2. Little entities of ink.

A little about me as a writer… I write fiction and plays, short and long, and sometimes, if I’m lucky, poetry. My protagonists are generally über-female, and I can’t resist a good historical novel/adventure/romance/fairytale-retelling. My alter-ego is probably a Disney princess.

I have multiple projects going on right now, but the one I’ll likely be focusing on for a while is a historical fiction serial novel called Privateer. If you don’t know what “serial” means, don’t ask me to define it because I’m totally tossing literary terms around to sound smart. I have actually never written a serial before this one, but the gist of it is that the novel is written in very short installments, so that each chapter is about 800 words, more or much less.

I happen to be obnoxiously loquacious, so this is a struggle for me.

To synopsize, Privateer is “about a woman pirate captain during the reign of Elizabeth I who is blackmailed into doing the dark bidding of another. Compliance means the death of an innocent, and refusal means the death of the only person she loves. The secrets she knows not only rule over her, but could determine the fate of England…”

So basically, like, OH SNAP.

Anyways, I’m using a writing website called Figment.com to post my installments. Click here to read through Chapter 12. That’s an order.

But now, it’s 2 AM in Los Angeles and I’m tired so I’m going to bed. More tomorrow. Maybe. Probably not.

—Samantha Chaffin

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